Google wants to build maps that customize themselves based on what they know about you

Bridging new networking niches to reality.


Two of the senior designers working on Google Maps told the Roadmap 2013 conference in San Francisco on Tuesday that maps are just a “canvas for the stuff we know about the world,” and the search and web-content giant is trying to build as much knowledge into its maps as possible. Soon, they said, every map will be customized for a specific person and a specific location — and the more context it has about you, the more useful it can be.

Jonah Jones, a user experience designer at Google, said much of the past decade has been spent on simply digitizing all of the existing paper maps and information so that they can be accessed more easily on the web and on mobile devices. But now that this foundation has been created, he said, map designers can add more and more detail that customizes the experience based on location…

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